Denver, CO to Alexandria, NE – Miles: 617 | Elevation: 10,258 feet

DAY 32 | Sept 1, 2017  

58.26 miles | 1230 ft
Denver, CO to Brighton, CO

What’s the meaning of a second chance? The schools we’re supporting offer students a second chance at an education. But the meaning also includes the second chance the students give themselves . . . and it takes maturity and courage to give yourself a second chance.
At the Emily Griffith High School ( in Denver, we heard the life-changing stories of several students, including M’s. M had the strength to reach out for help from estranged family, instead of stubbornly persisting on her own at age 17. She had the courage to go back to school when that was the deal for receiving help. She had the wisdom to make her way to EGHS. She gave herself, her family, and her education a second chance. And in the process discovered that she loved and respected all three. She is on her way to a vocation as an auto mechanic, and aspires to own a shop where customers are not subjected to the mysteries and stress of getting their cars fixed. We think M rocks.


DAY 33 | Sept 2, 2017  

68.06 miles | 951 ft
Brighton, CO to Brush!, CO

DAY 34 | Sept 3, 2017  

61.83 miles | 1,276 ft
Brush!, CO to Fleming, CO

Merino, CO. Where a day-long spate of goat head thorn flats began for us. The upside was getting to see this mural, which the town set up several years ago to cover up a torn-down block. And meeting Paula, the owner of the sole bar and grill (sole business?) in Merino, who gave us soda and water, and was as kind as kind can be….

DAY 35 | Sept 4, 2017  

67.29 miles | 1,207 ft
Fleming, CO to Big Springs, NE

Entered Nebraska! Beginning of the Pony Express Trail

DAY 36 | Sept 5, 2017  

62.01 miles | 1,375 ft
Big Springs, NE to Sutherland, NE

Hershey Beach Camping Area

DAY 37 | Sept 6, 2017  

71.72 miles | 745 ft
Sutherland, NE to Gothenburg, NE

Full Moon at Blue Heron Campground. Rode on the 1913 Historic Lincoln Highway.

DAY 38 | Sept 7, 2017  

89 miles | 574 ft – Bonus miles (campground change)
Gothenburg, NE to Kearney, NE

Pony Express Station / 100th Meridian – The 100th Meridian is the imaginary north-south line of 100 degrees west longitude as determined from the Prime Meridian at Greenwich, England, which represents 0 degrees longitude.

DAY 39 | Sept 8, 2017  

56.63 miles | 620 ft
Kearney, NE to Ayer, NE

Crystal Lake Campground

DAY 40 | Sept 9, 2017  

78.35 miles | 1,552 ft
Ayer, NE to Alexandria, NE

DAY 41 | Sept 10, 2017