The Real Ride: The final route, as we rode it

The Real Ride: The final route, as we rode it

About The Real Ride

On August 1, 2017, a small team of cyclists did something bold and ambitious to support an organization that is pushing back powerfully against America’s high school drop-out crisis, and its disproportionate effect on our most disadvantaged students.

The REAL Ride is a coast to coast, 5,000 mile bike ride that celebrates the challenge of the road less traveled. For three months, we will cycle across the United States via an unconventional route — a combination of dirt roads, trails, forest tracks, wooded paths, and country roads when avoiding pavement simply isn’t possible.

Our route is designed to push and expand our limits, to swipe left on the habitual and replace it with untamed possibilities. We chose to partner with Boston Day and Evening Academy, The C.B. Community School of Philadelphia, and their peers in Seattle, Denver, and Cincinnati because that’s exactly the approach they’ve taken on behalf of their students. And they change lives for the better every single day.

There is no hill steeper, nor path as daunting as what these students have faced.  But, if they can conquer serious disadvantages and find their way to a diploma, we surely can grind our way across the country.

Each of our riders has stepped up to the challenge of something daring, something difficult, something completely over-the-top. We are ordinary people trying to do something extra-ordinary to raise money and awareness for young adults who deserve a better shot.