REAL Riders Going Places Thanks to Shimano Wheelsets

One of the leading suppliers of premium bicycle components, Shimano rounds out the group of cycling gear sponsors with wheelsets for the REAL Ride Team. Jay, Dan and Perri will be riding the RS81 clinchers and Erin and Cris will be rolling the RX830 disc wheels.

Shimano takes pride in getting “Closer to Nature, Closer to People” which speaks to the essence of the REAL Ride in many ways. The team will be rolling across the country on mostly gravel roads immersed in nature and connecting with people at every turn throughout small towns and big cities alike. We couldn’t think of a better sponsor to provide the wheels that will take us there.

Thanks Shimano – we’ll be sure to keep the rubber side down, enjoy the ride, and make friends everywhere we go.

Visit to find out what makes Shimano such a rad company to roll with.

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