Fundraising Efforts on Track!

(Boston, MA) May 4, 2017. The REAL Ride is proud to announce that nearly $37,000 have been raised to date for Boston Day and Evening Academy — a full three months in advance of the team’s departure from Seattle.

These funds — 100% of which are going to the cause — will be used to help more students, more efficiently by strengthening and maintaining a network of alternative schools serving “off-track” students across the country, as well as to help BDEA continue to improve serving Boston’s off-track high school population.

Specifically, for next year, the funds will be used two ways:

  • To strengthen and maintain a network of alternative schools, specifically by developing a web-based version of BDEA’s existing training institutes, as a more sustainable, wide-reaching approach to creating and coaching competency-based schools for “off-track” students.
  • To fund the student stipends for BDEA’s transformative teacher’s assistance program. This program brings BDEA graduates (in their first year after graduation) back into BDEA’s classrooms to work closely with a BDEA teacher to learn the art of teaching. Graduates not only serve as powerful mentors to current students, but through this program BDEA is strengthening its graduates’ college and career readiness skills, as well as allowing them to experience a possible career pathway in education, and diversifying our pipeline of educators for the city. Early data from this fledgling program shows that courses with a BDEA TA have improved student attendance and course completion as compared to courses without a BDEA TA.

If you would like to donate to help increase the fundraising momentum, please visit to learn how.

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