Clement to Provide Terrific Treads for the REAL Ride Team.

(Boston, MA) April 3, 2017. In cycling, the name Clement is synonymous with history and excellence. Makers of the highest quality cycling tires since the beginning of the last century, Clement has equipped the greatest champions in the sport. The company now has agreed to outfit the REAL Ride team on its mixed terrain ride from Seattle to Boston to raise awareness and funding for at-risk, off-track high school students.

The team will ride Clement’s X’Plor MSO 40x700c tires. “This is the perfect tire for our trip, hands down,” says Erin Abrahams, a member of the REAL Ride team. “I have at least 5,000 miles of experience with this particular tire, as do several of my teammates, and it’s handled every type of terrain perfectly. We’re thrilled we get to ride the MSOs across the country.”

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