The Adventure Begins

The first ride.

The first post.

The goal: let go, let it flow, have fun, and hang on for the ride.

That goes for both the riding and the writing. That was pretty clever. I’m off to a good start.


I just made myself laugh out loud in Starbucks.

Alright. All joking aside, let me tell you about the beginning of what is sure to be the greatest adventure: The REAL Ride.

3 months, 5,000 miles, maximizing dirt, minimizing pavé. Riding with friends, riding for Boston Day and Evening Academy (BDEA). More on that here:

So far we are a team of four. Last week was the first time we rode together, with a few friends who plan on joining us for some segment of the journey next Fall.

We started from Ride Studio Cafe, set for a day of dirt and uncontrollable laughter (Perri and I have that part covered. I need to strengthen my core just to get in shape to ride across the country with her).

The Team: Catalyst Cris (she’s the one who dreamed this adventure to life, looking stealth and ready to wrangle); Surf and Turf Ramen Perri (always working the camera); Handsome Denim Dan (self explanatory); and yours truly (behind the camera, of course).

The friends: Roger C. (Hup and Center), Jacob K. (he’s there, really – hiding behind Cris) and Meg C. (also affectionately known as Meggy, Megarita, and Megatron).

The light this time of year is flawless. All day long. Shadows that live in your sweetest dreams. The first stretch through Upper Vine Brook.

Tail end of Hayden Woods boardwalk.

All the laughing. It came early and often. Perri in full-on-belly-laugh mode.

Continuing along the Western Greenway.

Flat Number 1 of 2 for the day. We should have an over/under for how many flats we get on the trek from Seattle to Boston, eh Cris?

Fall riding in New England is a leafy treat. Frenemies for life.

Prospect Hill blur. What did I say about those shadows?

The Weston Rail Trail. A ripping good time criss-crossing the tracks. We were rolling at a pretty good clip and had one close call at a dodgy rail when there was a sudden back-up. Thank goodness for working (read: screeching) brakes!

Getting in focus while bumping down the trail can be tricky. It’s all part of the charm.

Quicksand in MA. It DOES exist.

Who can resist that Rothfuss smile? Our fearless leader, the Gatekeeper. I’d follow her wheel anywhere.

It’s okay to accept candy from strangers. As long as the package is sealed. Roger may agree to disagree.

Another over/under: How many chocolate croissants can we eat over 5,000 miles?

Between the // somewhere near Codman Farm.

We are Ambassadors for the sport of Cycling. First and foremost. Always. There was a funeral in progress at the cemetery cut-through to Reformatory trail. Cris signaled for us to turn around on a dime, and we improvised to get back en route. The first of many detours to come, I’m sure.

There’s a trail to the left, and a trail to the right. Somehow we ended up on top of the hill. We’ll get there, eventually. It’s all part of the fun.

A familiar favorite. Almost back home on Reformatory Trail.

We are riding to make the world a better place. We are riding for the students of BDEA. We are riding for one another. We are riding for you. Thanks for coming along for the ride!

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