Location, Inc. Steps Up As Inaugural Sponsor

Location, Inc. has signed on as the first sponsor of the REAL Ride. A leader in developing big data-driven location technologies, the company points out that “Our mission is simple. What we do is not.” Because the same holds true for the REAL Ride team, we are proud to partner with Location, Inc.

Location, Inc. is a geographic research and data mining company born out of university research and one of the leading providers of location-based data and tools used by corporations for risk analysis. Location, Inc. specializes in location analysis, quantifying and mapping of crime and security risks, structure fire risk, demographic and school data information products, and location-based decision-making tools for businesses and consumers. More than 44 million people and businesses have used Location, Inc. data and services since the Company’s 2000 inception, including its famous NeighborhoodScout website for consumers. For more information, visit locationinc.com.

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